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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

SSLC 2013 - Summary of three prose chapters and tips for two poems of Std.X English

     Mr. Jipson Jacob (H.S.A. English) of A.V. Higher Secondary School, Ponnani, Malappuram has send us summary of the chapters ' Father's Help' , "Tea-shops in Malayalam Cinema" and "Balthazar's Marvellous Afternoon". He has also send us some tips useful while studying the poems 'Night of the Scorpion' and 'Once upon a Time'. He has set the pages in a money saving way.

NB: Malappuram district is the top most district in contributing materials to this blog. Thanks Malappuram...
Balthazar's Marvellous Afternoon - Summary

 Mr. Jipson Jacob
H.S.A. English
A.V. Higher Secondary School
Ponnani, Malappuram


  1. Rajeev Sir, Jipson Sir will be the best companion in reducing your 'over strain'.All the best

    1. Thank you Nizar Sir,

      After 15 months many teachers have started contributing to the blog, especially in the last one month. Thanks for your support when I was alone.

  2. Sir,
    First of all let me thank u for starting a blog for Kerala syllabus.
    Sir, I worked as a Maths teacher in a CBSE School. Now I am working as a Maths Abudhabi.
    My son is studying in Std. 9 kerala syllabus. Up to 8th std. he was in CBSE. This sudden change made it difficult for him to pick up. But now I realize the importance of Kerala syllabus.

    My problem is that we are not getting enough materials to refer.I could not find any other schools in Abudhabi which follows Kerala syllabus.

    I also studied in a Kerala syllabus Malalayalam medium. My father was also a teacher in a Govt. school. Now he is taking tuitions. I am telling this because ur blog is helpful to him also.
    Please help me in finding any source to get some model questions and answers. Even reading the textbook is not helping to find most of the answers.
    I KNOW THAT U R BUSY. When u get time please help me.
    Once again thank u very much. We feel that there is someone to hear our problems also. Thank u
    Vineetha Suresh

    1. dont wory Vineetha frequent visits to this blog, you wil get fantastic aids for teaching and learning English language

  3. Hi Mr. Jipson,
    I have gone through your summary and let me say its a good job. mr Rajeev Joseph says that we(Malappuram) are the topmost contributors..lets work harder and together to keep the status...
    thank you
    national high school, kolathur

  4. sir thank u for starting such a site for us.what i need is English medium questions.sir could u upload such questions?

  5. Sir,
    Please Give me some Best Tips to get full A+Grade in Malayalam Syllabus . Please Upload it in PDF