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Std. 8 English – The Sower

In this post Mr. Arunkumar A.R. of GB HSS, Chavara, Kollam shares a video that he has re-edited to suit our class room purposes.

Std. 8 English – The Sower

Std. 8 English – Song of the Flower

Std. 8 English – Song of the Flower

Thanks to Thankachan K. M. Kulappallil for sharing this..

Thankachan Km Kulampallil

Std. 8 English – Unit II – Chapter 3 – From a Railway Carriage

In this post Mr. Arunkumar A.R. of GB HSS, Chavara, Kollam shares a video that he has re-edited to suit our class room purposes.

From a Railway Carriage

English Post and KER amendment

      As per the KER (Amendment) Rules 2003, published in Kerala Gazette Extraordinary Vol. 48 No.1001 on 09/06/2003 with retrospective effect from 07/01/2002 vide GO(P) No.149/2003/ G. Edn. Dated, Thiruvananthapuram 06/06/2003, in Chapter XXIII, Clause II A of Rule 3, the status of ‘English’ is amended as language vide item No. ( j ).

Vide clause (II) of Rule 4, the posts of HSAs is determined by divisions and periods of work.

Rule 6.I further clarifies that the post of HSA(Eng.) shall be sanctioned on the basis of the periods allocated to English, observing minimum subject requirement.

Minimum subject requirement is

05 and above but below 15 periods -1 Part Time Teacher
15 and above but below 30
periods – 1 Full Time Teacher
30 and above but below 55
periods – 2 Full Time Teachers
55 and above but below 80
periods – 3 full time etc. (Rule ^.D)

The Kerala High Court in Minimol Vs State of Kerala case stated as follows in 2011

“KER clearly provides for the CREATION (capitals by the blog) of the post of HSA (Eng).”

In TR Ramachandran Nair case in 2012 it further clarified that 

“it is obvious that a qualified hand alone can be appointed in terms of Rule 6.1” with regard to English post.

Therefore dear friends, realize that there are still English posts waiting to be created in our schools and that teachers of English will not be thrown out if there are at-least 15 periods a week.

SSLC English – Unit III – Teashop in Malayalam Cinema – Interactive Video


     This is an interactive video for the unit Teashop in Malayalam Cinema. It is better to use it at the time of class.

Down load link is https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1HFs1_BEObCc0F5OTRwb2dwZnM/view?usp=sharing

(453 MB)

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